Personal Strengths Coaching eResource Programme

This six-month programme supports you in learning more about your unique personal strengths that energise you!

Every two weeks you will receive new content; Podcasts and Coaching questions around applying your strengths.

Read on to see what else you get from the programme...

Strengths Debrief

Each Individual Programme with Personal Strengths Coaching begins with you increasing your awareness around what energises you!

The first stage of the process is completing a Strengthscope assessment. Strengthscope is an online Strengths tool which is backed by the British Psychological Society. The assessment will populate a report which you will receive before your debrief session.

Once you have received the report you will have a 60-minute individual Debrief via Zoom with an accredited Strengthscope Master who will walk you through your Strengths Wheel, help you identify opportunities to stretch your Strengths and look for overdrive risks which may impact you in achieving your goal.

The eLearning


You'll receive emails with podcasts around each of your significant 7 strengths, along with 2 of your bubbling under strengths and 2 of your energy drainers.

Strengths Action Planning

You'll receive emails asking you to apply what you've heard within the Podcasts.

Applying what you've heard will bring the theory to reality.

Strengths Collaboration

You will be invited to attend a 60-minute workshop via Zoom to ask individual questions about strengths. This will be for those on the programme across different organisations. It will be an opportunity to get together and share experiences and reflections on the content of the programme and apply it to reality.

The eResource

This is an online library of resources you will have access to for the length of the programme. Once you've registered for the eResource you can log in and access the materials at the point that's right for you.

The content includes the following documents and guides all with a Strengths lens applied to them:

• Action Plan

• Reflective Strengths Journal

• One-to-Ones

• Strengths Spotting

• Team Strengths Grid

• Sharing Strengths

• Personal Development Plan

The eResource

If you have previously completed Strengthscope and would like to receive the six-month eResource Programme the cost is £102 per month, for six months.

If you are new to Strengthscope, you will need to complete your Strengthscope assessment and receive your individual debrief before starting the six-month programme. The setup fee for your individual Strengthscope assessment and debrief is £395. The cost for the eResource Programme is an additional £102 per month, for six months.


Listen to understand more about Personal Strengths and how you can use yours to achieve your goals.


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